On November 18, 2008 we requested financial help to help with shipping costs.  We sent a hard copy package of the Open Letter, the List of Signatories and an additional letter (written after the Statement on Race by Bob Jones University was issued on November 19) to all members of the Board of Trustees, the Cooperating Board and the Administrative Cabinet at Bob Jones University.  In about 12 hours, you responded with the funds that we needed.  For that, we are very grateful.  Here is an accounting of how those funds were spent.

Shipping costs (91 packages)

$325.94   Printing, envelopes, labels (Staples)
$162.00   Shipping (US Postal Service)
$11.95       2nd Shipping (US Postal Service)
$10.11       Paper and ink (personal stock used to correct some errors)

$510.00   Total Costs of Shipping the packages


$527.84 received from 13 individuals.  Notably, 3 separate individuals contributed $100.
($17.84) deducted by PayPal Fees

$510.00  Total Monies Received

When the Please-Reconcile leadership team sent the Open Letter and Signatories to the Bob Jones University Board of Trustees and Administration on Saturday, November 22,  we added a letter of appreciation (pdf). The letter was drafted by Beth Murschell, Tim Tsuei, Josh Tuttle, Rebecca Phillips, with assistance from a number of others who had been involved.

Friday, November 21, 2008

To: Dr. Stephen Jones and Bob Jones University Board of Trustees and Administration

The leadership of Please-Reconcile.org is encouraged to see Bob Jones University’s November 20 “Statement on Race.” In our “Open Letter” to the school, we stated that “should such a statement [of regret and apology] be made, we will support it completely and joyfully.”  We support the University’s statement and believe that concerned friends of BJU will accept it.

Enclosed is a packet containing our Open Letter and accompanying signatures.  We completed our printing of this packet on the same day the University’s November 20 “Statement on Race” was issued.  After much prayerful deliberation, we have decided to proceed and send the Open Letter and accompanying signatures, in the hope that these documents will show why so many alumni have called for the University to issue a statement of regret and apology.

We believe that in undertaking this project, we did what we were trained to do at BJU: to lovingly confront wrong doctrine or practice wherever it exists and to remove every impediment to our Gospel witness in the world.  We are thankful that Bob Jones University has responded to the concerns of its alumni and anticipate that the Board of Trustees will support Dr. Stephen Jones and the Administration in this statement.  Moreover, it is our strong desire that the University will carry forward into the future the Bible-based principles articulated in its November 20 statement by continuing to eliminate man-made racial barriers to the Gospel.

Sincerely yours,

The Leadership Group